Dr. Jason Harrison


Veterinary medicine is simply put, awesome! After all these years, I am still always learning and improving my ability to help animals. As a practice owner, I strive to assemble a team that all feel the way I do about our patients and our clients. I am inspired by watching the bond between pet parents and their pets, this is my constant motivator to always educate clients about the best ways in which to keep their pets healthy. From this, I hope pets will live happy and longer lives with their families. I think the absolute best part of my profession is that it allows me to make a difference. Whether it is preventative health care to keep animals healthy, finding the right diagnosis for an animal not feeling well, or assisting an old friend to pass with peace and dignity, I get to make a difference every single day. That’s why I do what I do”.

I have been a life-long Michigander. After growing up in Cheboygan, I attended Western Michigan University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I then continued to Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, receiving my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2002. I spent my first two years practicing in southwest Michigan and moved back up north spending 13 years in Cadillac. I have now proudly owned Tawas Animal Hospital since 2017.

My wife Brittany and I have three kids: Ben, Lucas, and Reese. We also have a Golden Retriever named Ralphie and a Golden Doodle named Wither. My hobbies include boating, hiking, mountain biking, and traveling with my family.

During my 20 years I have taken great pride in the relationships I have built with colleagues, team members, professors and of course, clients. My special interests are ultrasonography, soft tissue surgery, exotic pet medicine, and dog and cat behavioral medicine.

My degree in Psychology and my special interest in behavioral medicine is why I brought the Fear Free Certification and Practice to our small town of Tawas City. I believe all pets deserve to be treated with the kindest and gentlest approach and I know that when our team practices Fear Free Techniques, we are doing just that. What better way to spend your life than doing something you love with people who all feel the same way!

Brittany Harrison

Hospital Manager

I have always had a keen ability to find and rescue stray animals or bring them home. When I was a girl growing up in Texas I would bring home every stray animal I could find, and beg my dad to let me keep “just one more”. It was a perfect fit when Dr. Harrison (my husband) decided he was going to go to Veterinary School.

I spent 22 years advising businesses on how to grow their client base as well as create business cultures and core value programs for new acquisitions and mergers. My secret was always do what’s right and when we make a mistake own it! After spending many years touring Michigan and the Country I am excited to be able to put my efforts into one community and one business. I am blessed to be able to dedicate my time to a community I love and raise my children in a family business. I am excited to be a part of Tawas Animal Hospital and love coming to work, I especially love watching our team grow, learn, conquer their fears and reach their goals. I am so proud to be a part of this team.

I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful kids, 12-year-old Ben and 7-year-old twins Lucas and Reese and fur baby, Ralphie and Wither. I love to volunteer at my kids’ schools, community organizations, church and you can find her cheering my kids on at sporting and school events.

I am excited to meet the pet owners in the Tawas area. Stop by and say “Hi” my door is always open.
Brittany Harrison


Licensed Veterinary Nurse

My name is Emily Barger. I am a daughter, sister, wife, pet mom, and Licensed Veterinary Technician. I share my heart and my home with my husband, Andy, and our four fur/feather babies – cats named Swizzle and Twizzle, a golden retriever named Gambit, and an Australorp hen named Claudette.

As a Licensed Veterinary Technician, my job is similar to that of a Nurse. I take histories and vital signs, prepare, and administer vaccines and medical treatments, collect samples for and perform diagnostic tests, prepare patients for/assist with/monitor patients undergoing anesthetic procedures, fill prescription medications, care for hospitalized patients, and more.

I graduated with my Associates in Applied Science in May 2015, and later that summer earned my Veterinary Technician License. I completed my first Fear Free certification in 2017. In 2022 I earned the designation of Elite Fear Free Certified Professional, meaning that I completed an individual veterinary certification program, completed 35 hours of Fear Free continuing education, and have committed to earning 4 additional hours of Fear Free continuing education annually.

I have a passion for helping clients become the best pet parents they can be. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of veterinary medicine and maintaining a high standard of care for my patients. I also have a special interest in working with exotic animals such as reptiles, birds, and pocket pets.

Though I grew up closer to Michigan’s west coast, I am thoroughly enjoying life on “the sunrise side.” In our free time, Andy and I like to work on improving our home and property, playing with our pets, and visiting family throughout lower Michigan.


Licensed Veterinary Nurse

Hi, I am Danni a veterinary nurse. I am the person that has the training to help you communicate easily with the Dr. and am the person that is drawing blood, taking radiographs, cleaning teeth and assisting in surgeries along with much more. I graduated from Baker in 2019 and have been working as a nurse for over 2 years now.

I enjoy camping and horseback riding all summer long but find myself spend most of my time in the garden. My Jack Russell Digger love to bug me with the ball while I’m pulling weeds. It has taken me a long time to get into the field that I always thought would fit me best and I have finally achieved it and couldn’t be happier. The team here at Tawas Animal Hospital is great to work with and we all love to take care of you and your furry family members with the best quality of care.


Licensed Veterinary Nurse

I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls (Gracyn and Sophie) and a happy wife of 20 years to my awesome hubby Chad. I have 3 dogs (Beemer, Moose and Yoda), 4 cats (Minnie, Groot, Bear and Gizmo), 2 leopard geckos (Thelma and Louise), 1 hamster (Gucci), 4 chickens (Cluck Vader, Hen Solo, C3 Eggo, and Chickebacca) and some fish. I have been a Licensed Veterinary Nurse/Tech for 15 years now.

I graduated from Baker College in 2007. I have always loved science and animals so decided why not go into the Veterinary world. My passion in this industry is Dental cleanings. Clean teeth lead to happy/healthy animals. My personal interests are DIY, Volleyball, Boating and just spending time with my hubby/kids/furry kids and family. We love vacationing around our beautiful state.


Veterinary Assistant

I joined the team at Tawas Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant in June of 2019. I have always had a passion for animals and a special interest in animal behavior and the human-animal bond. I love being able to help people strengthen their relationship with their pets and watching them support their pets, so we all have a more positive experience! I have a special passion for non-elective surgeries, dental care, and exotic patients.

I live in Tawas with my two dogs, Gemma and Noel, and one cat, Benji. When I am not at work you will most likely find me in the woods hiking, horseback riding or on the water with my Golden Retriever, Noel, exploring a new adventure.


Veterinary Assistant

Hi, my name is Stacey and I’m a fear free certified veterinary assistant. I’ve been in the veterinary field since 2017 and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else again. I just moved up here in October of 2022 to live with my now fiancé, Jacob, and started at TAH in March of 2023 after I had hip surgery. We have 2 dogs together (Remington and Nattie) and 1 cat (Shadow) who I’ve had for the last 18 years. She and her siblings were my first loves and the reason I decided to pursue a career with animals. I’m very passionate about animal behavior and making sure your pets have a great experience with us! It genuinely warms my heart to gain a patient’s trust and connect with them. I treat them like my own! When I’m not loving your babies at work, I’m spending time with my fiancé and my dogs. My backyard is one of my favorite places to relax. If I’m not home, I’m with my wonderful coworkers that I can now call great friends. 🙂


Vet Assistant

Hi! My name is Jordyn and I joined the Tawas Animal Hospital team in June of 2023 as a Vet Assistant! I graduated from SVSU with my teaching degree, but nothing makes me happier than animals. Fortunately, I have found myself in this role where I get to spend every day providing the best care I can to every animal we see! I have always had animals and that is how I spend the majority of my time! I have a dog named Russell who is by my side anytime I’m outside in the garden, exercising, or working on projects outside! I also have horses Star and Queen, cats Bell, Blackie, and Noelle, and lots of chickens and ducks!

I can’t imagine life without my animals!


Customer Care Representative

Hi, my name is Jenni, and I am a customer care representative. I’ve been with Tawas Animal Hospital for 5 years and have jumped around a few times before I decided the front desk is where I belong. Being a customer care rep can sometimes be challenging, but I enjoy working with the public and their pets. This position allows me to build relationships with the community and watch pets progress on their path to wellness. I received my pre-requisites to be a veterinary nurse but never followed through. I am now level 5 Fear Free Pet certified, trained in Communication Solutions for Veterinary Professionals, and am the resident “paw print maker”.

Animals have always been my passion. Over the years I’ve had many, ranging from gerbils, horses, cats, dogs, and more. Currently I have three cats (Princess, Pip, and Ralph) and two “step-dogs” (Bo Duke and Malibu) of whom I share custody. Besides animals, a big passion of mine is anything outdoors. I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and traveling. I’ve lived in this area all my life, which makes for plenty of outdoor activities, but currently I reside in Rose City.


Customer Care Representative

I am newly employed at Tawas Animal Hospital as of March 2022. I am a Client Care Advocate, and you will more than likely see me snuggling all the puppies that walk in the door. I originally graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelors in Elementary Education but decided that caring for animals was my true passion. I grew up always having a dog in the home and plan on keeping it that way forever.

My husband DJ and I have two dogs, Theo and Wrangler. We are planning to expand our family and hopefully have human children soon. When I am not at work loving on all the animals, I am hanging out with my dogs, taking walks in town, going out on the boat, and hanging out by the fire with friends. I recently became an aunt for the first time, so the past year I have really enjoyed visiting him and my sister in Florida.


Boarding Assistant

Hello my name is Regina and I’m a Boarding Attendant here at Tawas Animal Hospital. I come in during the mornings and evenings to walk, feed, give care and attention to people’s pets that need a cozy place to stay while their parents aren’t at home. Through this job position I possibly want to be a vet assistant one day. My passion has always been caring for animals since I was little. I have always valued animal lives because they don’t have a voice to speak up. I worked in rescue and working with animals is something I always want to do in life. My goal is to one day have an animal sanctuary or shelter for all.


Boarding Assistant

Hi, I’m Sam! I enjoy long walks with pups, and lazy evening cuddles with kitties! I am a boarding assistant here at Tawas Animal Hospital. I help when I can, where I can, but my job is to provide a fear free, loving and relaxing experience for your fur babies back in our boarding facility! Between me and my best friend Regina, we achieve seamless, well communicated care for all manners of cats and canines. Though I joined in December of 2022, I’ve learned a lot with the help of the wonderful pals and gals who work here! I am fear free certified and every day is something new, exciting or interesting! The people around me here have inspired me since day one, and I am eternally grateful for every single one of them.

In my own time, I enjoy learning herpetology and I keep many toads. I also work as a commission artist on all sorts of media, and I have an unhealthy addiction to video games, fantasy books, and sweet tea. I have a senior great dane named Georgia, two professional biscuit makers named Beef and Beans, and I currently foster two more cats named Piebald and Panther. Though I attended BAISD for auto body repair, and ACC for a few years after to continue that trade, I soon opted for fine arts and English. I plan to continue my schooling in the upcoming years, but I fully intend on staying right where I am, as animals have my heart.