Here at Tawas Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer comprehensive anesthetic monitoring for our patients.

Surgery can be very stressful for owners, and we are proud to be able to monitor our patients with the highest quality monitoring devices that are available in veterinary medicine.

When your pet has surgery in our office, you can rest assured that we will take excellent care of them. We make sure that your pet is properly hooked up to our many monitors so that, if anything should happen, we will know right away and be able to help. We have technicians in the surgery suite with our veterinarians so that your pet is always being watched and monitored, from the time the first anesthetic is given until your pet is wide awake.

It is our goal to monitor your pet closely to ensure a successful surgery and recovery.

If you have any questions about our monitoring equipment or would like to schedule a consult before your pet needs to have surgery, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (989) 362-4601.